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Kimi Ahokainen


Saturday,Mar 25, 2023
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Current Position:Home » Our News » A drama wife dressed as a gloomy boss.
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A drama wife dressed as a gloomy boss.
Posted:Sep 30, 2022        Views:126        Back to List
 Guo Feng thought, maybe Nanyan didn't know. Nan Yan murmured, but fortunately, Guo Dao also knew hBut the south smoke this freely joke ability, on the spot the person estimated that few has this kind of boldness, therefore everybody is muddled. The director and the three leading actors did not move, and the scriptwriter and the other three actors looked at each other and were confused. But there is one exception. On the opposite side, Chu Wenzhou answered Nan Yan,silk ficus tree, "I'm not speeding, and I'm coming very fast. Do you think I have only one office building?" Listen to the tone of the boss, can not hear what, very calm. But it is this calm that makes Nanyan feel uncertain. Guo Feng came to his senses at the next moment and took the lead in walking out of the elevator: "Chu Shao, I didn't expect that, hehehe, you came so fast." Chu Wenzhou withdrew his sight from Nanyan and said with a smile, "I'm not happy. How can I see this wonderful scene?" Xu Junya's lips moved slightly,artificial grass panels, her throat slipped, but she still did not speak. Outsiders did not notice that Hang Changze recognized Chu Wenzhou as soon as he opened the door, and his line of sight was on Xu Junya. Xu Junya's eyes were completely attracted by Chu Wenzhou in the past, looking at it in an instant, like looking at the relatives who had returned after a long absence, reluctant to move away. In other words, there are more things in the eyes than relatives. Hang Changze's eyes fell and looked at Chu Wenzhou. A genius who used to be able to stand with him, about the same height, now, sitting in a wheelchair, he needs to look down at people. When Chu Wenzhou had an accident, he was also abroad, but unlike Xu Junya's news and his brother's deliberate concealment, Hang Changze knew about it through his family. Chu Wenzhou had a car accident and hurt his leg. He may not be able to walk in the future. He knew, but he didn't tell Xu Junya. He and Xu Junya's eldest brother reached a tacit understanding at the same time and did not mention it. Therefore, when Xu Junya returned home, he wanted to see Chu Wenzhou for the first time. Hang Changze's eyes fluttered for a moment and were grabbed by another pair of dark eyes. In looking at each other, fake blossom tree ,Faux cherry blossom tree, both of them refused to give an inch. Chu Wenzhou's eyes were calm and calm, so he looked at Hang Changze coldly for a second or two. Hang Changze was rare, and he read a little disdain from it, very light, but very real, disdainful and mocking eyet dressed up thousands of charming dress to attend, let Chu Wenzhou heart a little more relaxed. He stopped talking and waited for the woman to say something. Partial south smoke eye view nose nose view heart, guilty dare not look at people, small circle crazy to south smoke pass secret signal,silk cherry blossom tree, but can not pass out. Small round eyes so sour, aggrieved, she did her best. The relationship between the four people in front of Guo Feng is naturally the clearest.