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Saturday,Mar 25, 2023
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Legend of the Condor Heroes
Posted:Sep 30, 2022        Views:106        Back to List
 Ouyang Ke thought to himself, "Lao Jiaohua has excellent martial arts skills, but his brain is not very clever. He only wants to teach his disciples to win face, but he forgets me and watches from the side." Concentrate on watching him teach Guo Jing palm, but look at his gestures, but feel plain; He also saw Hong Qigong whispering in Guo Jing's ear, which was supposed to teach the essence of these three moves. Guo Jing thought for a long timerstood, he already knew in the chest, but when it comes to the enemy, the three palms of Guo Jing's new learning are actually difficult to deal with. Guo Jing learned all the eighteen palms from beginning to end,large ficus tree, and the power of the original fifteen palms was greatly increased. Ouyang Ke changed four sets of boxing in a row, but he only got a draw all the time. He also made dozens of moves. Ouyang Ke was anxious: "If I don't show my unique skill today, it will be difficult to win.". I've been taught by my uncle since I was a child, but I can't beat Lao Jiaohua, a new disciple. Isn't Lao Jiaohua outdoing my uncle? Dou ran to punch out, Guo Jing raised his hand to block, but Ouyang Ke's arm seemed to suddenly lose its bone, homeopathic turn, with a bang,fake ficus tree, Guo Jing's neck in the fist. Guo Jing was startled. He bowed his head and jumped out. He turned around and clapped his hands. Ouyang Ke stepped out of the way and returned his fist. Guo Jing did not dare to do it again. He dodged sideways, but suddenly his opponent's arm was like a soft whip. After hitting it, he could turn in the air at will. Obviously, he saw his fist hit to the left, and suddenly turned to the right. With a bang, he punched Guo Jing on the shoulder again. Guo Jing is impossible to defend, eat three punches in succession, these three are quite heavy, immediately under the heart of panic, do not know how to deal with. "Stop, Jing," cried Hong Qigong. "Let's lose for a while." Guo Jing jumped out of Zhang Yu. The three places on his body where he hit him were very painful. He said to Ouyang Ke, "Your boxing is really brilliant. You turn your arm in a strange way.". Admire, admire! Ouyang Ke looked triumphantly at Huang Rong. Hong Qigong said, "The old poison raises snakes every day. This set of soft-skinned snake boxing must have been learned from the poisonous snake.". This set of boxing is very skillful. Lao Jiaohua can't think of a way to break it for a while. Count your luck. Get out of here. Ouyang Ke said in his heart, "When my uncle passed on this set of'Spirit Snake Fist ', he told me that I must not use it until the critical moment of life and death. Today, outdoor ficus tree ,faux ficus tree, when I use it, I am seen through by Lao Jiaohua. If my uncle knows about it, he willoand to restrain you, but be careful. Ouyang Ke thought to himself, "It's easy to fight against you.". No matter what tricks you play, I'm determined not to touch them. He smiled and said, "I am willing to die at your hands." "Your other martial arts are also very ordinary," said Huang Rong. "I've only learned your Smelly Snake Fist. If you use other boxing techniques, you'll lose." Ouyang Ke said, "You can do whatever the girl says. I'll do whatever you say." Huang Rong smiled and said, "I can't tell you're such a bad guy. You're very easy to talk to me.". Look at it! It is Hong Qigong's "Xiaoyao You" boxing method that is called a punch. Ouyang Ke gave way sideways, Huang Rong kicked with his left foot and hooked with his right hand, but it was already a trick in the family tradition of "Taohua Luoying Palm". She was young,large artificial blossom trees, and her knowledge of kung fu was limited. At this time, she wanted to win, regardless of who passed on the kung fu she used.