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Kimi Ahokainen


Saturday,Mar 25, 2023
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Our News
The Tied Bride of the Military Wedding
Posted:Sep 30, 2022        Views:83        Back to List
 God did not abandon her, but gave her another child. She's happy. She's really happy. I don't know what Gu Xuewen would think if he knew? Are you looking forward to it? Will you be as excited as she is? …… %……………… Second watch today. Thank you all for your support. Take Pt. Unexpectedly, Gu Xuewen came back earlier than her today, looking at the smile on her face, a little puzzled. What's going on? So happy today? "Yes.". I'm so happy. In fact, it is not happy, it is excited,faux ficus tree, but Zuo Panqing has to suppress his inner excitement, not to say with Gu Xuewen, in fact, a little difficult. She is a person who can't hide her words. Oh Gu Xuewen was interested now and went up to her and took her by the hand. "Can you tell me what made my wife so happy?" "You guess." Zuo Panqing threw his bag on the table in the room, fearing that Gu Xuewen would guess when he saw the pregnancy test stick. Don't you have to work overtime today? She didn't go home with a large stack of design drawings. Is that the reason? "Half and half." Zuo Panqing put on a grimace and looked very proud: "My design draft has finally passed.". Manager Zhou was super easy to talk to today, and he was OK without waiting for me to explain my creative ideas. Do you think it's worth being happy? 13839579 "Of course." Gu Xuewen smiled,outdoor palm trees, and Zuo Panqing's love for work far exceeded his imagination: "My wife is so capable.". Of course I can pass it directly. "Thank you." Zuo Panqing nodded slightly with a relaxed look on his face: "I tell you.". I'm really happy today. Not only because my design passed, but also because of another thing. Gu Xuewen was really curious: "What makes you so excited?" "Seven, seven is back." "What?" Gu Xuewen is stupefied, a bit dare not believe: "You say Zheng Qimei came back?" How is that possible? He aagent of what hall, and was discovered by Xuanyuan and killed him." Shocked, Gu Xuewen suddenly loosened Zuo Panqing's hand and turned to leave the room. Zuo Panqing grabbed him quickly: "What are you going to do?" "There's something." Undercover? Oh, artificial plant wall panels ,decorative palm trees, my God, why didn't he think of that? I never asked Gu Xuewen who the undercover agent in the Dragon Hall was. Because Gu Xuewu has been unwilling to say to him, only said that the person is very close to Xuanyuan, all the information obtained is true and reliable. She's gonna go. Think Xuanyuan around so many people, Gu Xuewen do not know, anyway, they move hands and feet, will not hurt people's lives, naturally do not care who. On the other hand, he did not believe that it was Tang Yanan, he clearly showed such loyalty to Xuanyuan, how could it be him? But if the undercover is really Tang Yanan, because of identity violence, light died, then who will betray Tang Yanan, let him be Xuanyuan know the identity and then kill hir learning of his death. What the hell is going on? Gu Xuewen almost roared: "Didn't Tang Yanan follow Xuanyuan for a long time?"? Why would it be your undercover? Why don't you ever say? Now that his identity has been leaked, does it mean that there are also Xuanyuan people here? "Arvin." Gu Xuewu's heart is very heavy, for him, Tang Yanan is not only the chess piece he put beside Xuanyuan, so many years, for Tang Yanan, he is also guilty. He carries too much, carries too much, sometimes,silk ficus tree, Gu Xuewu will feel that he is very cruel to Tang Yanan. In fact, he once asked him if he wanted to come back, but he said no. He is willing to do things for him. Look at the Dragon Hall. He was afraid that the Dragon Hall would be bad for him.