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Saturday,Mar 25, 2023
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Emperor Group--Col
Posted:Sep 30, 2022        Views:149        Back to List
 Snow was surprised by his words, hurriedly put away the ring, pretending not to care to open the bag and throw it inside: "No..." She responded lightly, looked out of the window and stopped talking. But his heart could not be calm for a long time because of his words. You must louickly, and we'll send you back. He sat in the car again and saw the manager standing outside the car making a phone call. After a while, he also sat in. She did not speak, but she knew very well who he was calling. Who else but him?! When I got home, Aunt May hadn't got up yet. It seemed that it was really too early. He rang the doorbell,artificial coconut palm trees, and after a long time, someone answered at the other end. As soon as she heard her voice, Aunt May hurried out with her clothes on. Miss Miss, why are you? Why are you back now? Why didn't you call? Aunt May opened the iron door with surprise on her face as she put on her clothes. The morning smoke is heavy, but the world is still vast. As she listened to Aunt May's kind words, her heart suddenly felt like a stone. When the door opened, she reached out and hugged Aunt May. Aunt May, I miss you. I don't want to cry, so I laugh all the time, but my eyes are still sour and full of tears. Aunt May put her arms around her and looked at the person in front of her. "Miss, why are you so thin?" She did not speak, her thin face was full of smiles, and she wiped her tears at random: "I miss you, I miss you so much.." "Yes, artificial banyan trees ,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, yes." We miss you too.. Come on in. Aunt Mei looked at her with heartache, and when she saw her tears, she quickly wiped them away and led her to the house. Ouyang Meilian hasn't got up yet. Aunt May said that she slept until nearly noon these days because of the increased dosage. Snow fell in to look at it, did not disturb her, and went back to her room to sleep. Staring at the darkness with his eyes open, he was not sleepy at all. The words the Phantom spoke to her, the scenes in which he humbly implored her to go back at the airport, always felt like a dream. He can be so cruel to her, turn around, but can be so detaining to her. She really couldn't read him, and she felt so tired. When she drew a clear line with him, he pushed hard. When she did not step back, he reached out and pushed her away, and when she turned to leave, he reached out and pulled her. She didn't know what to do. She didn't want to be in the middle of these two people, him or God. If her presence will make another person feel uncomfortable, then she would rather quit. She just wanted to live a simple life, no matter what they thought in their hearts, no matter what they thought of her, the last thing she wanted was to be a pawn they used to force each other. She pulled the quilt and covered herself completely. It seems that the whole world is isolated, and all the worries and worries are also isolated outside. Suddenly he sat up again, pulled his bag hurriedly, turned on the bedside light, and began to turn it over. After rummaging for a long time, she didn't find what she wanted, so she gDidn't you finish the transfer procedure long ago? What's the matter? Or are the schools in New York already on holiday? Qianqian stared at her, so haggard and thin that she didn't have to guess that something must have happened. Snow smiled and did not answer her words, but stretched out her arms and hugged the three of them. Alas, snow falls, don't run away from the topic. "I'm not transferring." "What?"? Not turning again? You, you,outdoor ficus tree, you.. Is it so easy for you to transfer to another school? Say turn, say not turn, say not turn.. Even though you are like this. 。