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Saturday,Mar 25, 2023
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Our News
Agent Rebirth: Quickly Wear Almighty Goddess
Posted:Sep 30, 2022        Views:119        Back to List
 "This is the Kyushu Island pass," Rong Zhe turned his hand and took out a black hard pass, his eyes were so dark that heg farther and farther away, and the cell phone in his pocket kept ringing, but he never paid attention to it. Until the helicopter was out of sight. Rong Zhecai picked up the phone. It was Mr. Rong's exasperated voice, "Rong Zhe, you're crazy!" "I'm not crazy." Rong Zhe is still standing in place,interactive touch screens education, the hair in front of his forehead has congealed a lot of fine raindrops, there is a congealed shape flowing down his delicate jaw. You can feel the biting coolness in your neck. Rong Zhe whispered, "I'm not crazy, Grandpa. I'm just happy. I couldn't keep her five years ago. What can I do now?" He said lightly and turned off his cell phone directly. Stopped in place for a long time, then gathered the coat, the corners of the mouth of the smile slightly up, the corners of the eyes and eyebrows with a bad evil,smartboards for business, walking slowly towards the door. Several people came down from the refitted car one after another. Rong Shao. One man opened a big black silk umbrella and blocked Rong Zhe's head. Rong Zhe slightly squinted a pair of peach blossom eyes, and his expression returned to his former unstinting dissolute, "go back." Lifting his feet to the car, Rong Zhe paused when he saw two figures almost congealed into statues outside the steel wire gate. Look at the two men. Ye Feng has seen Rong Zhe come over, but his mind thought to lose Oha, hands and feet can not keep up, he has been in politics for so many years, almost nothing shocked him. But now his mouth is open, his voice is dry, his brain has lost the ability to speak and command, the top of his head is like a thunderbolt, staring at the direction of Ye Shaohua's departure. Grandpa Ye is no better than Ye Feng. Rong Zhe called two people, two people have not reacted to come over. He thought for a moment, then reached out his hand and ordered a man to stay. "Leave a car and take these two home later. Be sure not to make any mistakes." Wait for Rong Zhe to leave. The military airport was completely quiet, electronic board for classroom ,smart board for conference room, with no sound of helicopters and no conversation. There is only the sound of the rain. After a long time, Ye Feng came to his senses. He looked down at Grandpa Ye stiffly. He felt his throat was dry and his soul was floating in the air. It was like waking up from a dream. "Dad, just now, just now, is Rong Shao coming?"? And those people in the international training cng supported, the old man kept thinking and pinching his wrist. How old is Ye Shaohua this year? Twenty-two years old! Ye, the 22-year-old instructor of the international training camp, wanted to break his head,smart board whiteboard, but he couldn't figure it out. Looking at the capital, which family's children could compare with her? Such Ye Shaohua, even Ye Li can not compare with her!.