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Saturday,Mar 25, 2023
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Kill God _ Against Heaven _ txt Novel Heaven
Posted:Sep 30, 2022        Views:108        Back to List
 Ziyao left, for her own pursuit, for the promotion of the realm of breakthrough, she finally chof news for a hundred thousand divine crystals. He kept saying that he wanted to save his father. Shi Yan didn't have much interest in his father's affairs, nor did he ask about them. He didn't investigate them secretly. It was only when he saw Qi that he found that he was still depressed that he had doubts and asked questions at will. Still like that,4k smart board, but with a hundred thousand divine crystals, he will be all right in a short time. Qi Kui was slightly moved and seriously explained: "My father is also a virtual God in the realm of heaven, and he used to be very powerful.". Now his soul altar has suffered a heavy blow, and the altar is on the verge of gradual collapse. The medicinal materials I exchanged for 100,000 divine crystals can only guarantee to slow down the collapse of his altar, but can not help him recover as before. With red eyes and clasped fingers, he bit his lip and whispered, "My father has taken care of me since I was a child. In order for me to grow up as soon as possible,interactive digital whiteboard, I have been in the field of broken stars for so many years, looking for scarce materials to exchange for divine crystals to help me reach today's realm.". (M) But the broken star field is not peaceful. Although my father has an empty spiritual realm, he still can't do whatever he wants. He was seriously injured because of a fight over the material, until now. 。 After staying in the Broken Star City for several months, Shiyan knows a little about the Broken Star Field. There are many races around the Far West, mixed with many powerful forces, which will enter the Broken Star Field to look for material pestle. The broken star field is known as the natural pestle field, and even many powerful forces in the depths of the star field will send experts over. Broken star field has never been peaceful, strength is not enough, the realm of low is difficult to survive comfortably, earthquake ancient and giant clan people, is not the same by the MiG brothers, almost all killed? "You seem to be familiar with the broken star field?" Shi Yan was stunned for a moment. "Can you survive in the realm of God King?" "I have my own way of life." Qi You looked up and said earnestly, "Every time I enter the field of broken stars, classroom interactive whiteboard ,interactive whiteboard for schools, I will go with othcom