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Kimi Ahokainen


Saturday,Mar 25, 2023
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Posted:Sep 30, 2022        Views:132        Back to List
 As soon as Li Mufan lost his breath, he almost fell down. At that moment, his feet touched the the quilt, mattress, pillow, all with a very special fragrance, but it is not the fragrance of fat powder, but a kind of indescribable fragrance. What is this place? Who lives in this room? How did you get here? Just as he was wondering and thinking, the cotton curtain, which was hanging on the door on the left side of the bed, was lifted and put into a head. It was a dark cloud head, with bare hair,75 smart board, clean face, and a dark cloud head full of dark clouds without a jumping thread. Her beauty comes from nature, her face is white and red, her eyebrows are curved, and her eyes are black and bright, as if she could speak, her eyelashes are long and heart-beating, her small nose is like a hanging gallbladder, and her mouth is bright red. She is charming with three points of beauty, and a little childish. Of course, she was only sixteen or seventeen years old,interactive boards for classrooms, but looking at the rolling head of the dark cloud and the height of the door, she was already slim and graceful. She blinked a pair of big eyes, and her charming face was full of surprise. She suddenly drew back her head. A clear and charming cry of joy sounded outside the door: "Grandpa, he's awake." The cotton curtain was lifted again, and she rushed in like a whirlwind. She stood in front of the bed, a pair of big eyes staring round at Li Mufan, not shy and timid at all, a set of cotton-padded trousers covering her mature body, but a waist, did not hide her beautiful figure! A big braid drags straight at the waist, so long, so long, Pengmen Jasper, this girl is so beautiful, so sweet! She stood there and did not speak, but Li Mufan could not keep his mouth shut: "Girl, here is.." "My home," said the beautiful girl. Li Mufan wanted to laugh, but he couldn't. "Girl, I'm asking, interactive panel board ,interactive panels for education, I'm asking.." he said. How far is it from here to Dengfeng? "Dengfeng?" "Are you from Dengfeng?" Asked the beautiful girl. "Do you live in Dengfeng?" "I'm from Dengfeng, but I don't live in Dengfeng," said Li Mufan. The beautiful girl blinked her beautiful eyes and said, "Where do you live?" "It's hard to say, girl," said Li Mufan. "Hard to say?" The beautiful girl said in surprise, "Oh!" "I remember, you are a Jianghu man," he said. "How do you know I'm from Jianghu?" Asked Li Mufan. "Why don't you know?" The beautiful girl's face tightened and she said, "Do you think I'm so stupid?"? Look at the wound on your body. It's bloody. It scares me to dead and said, "I understand what you said. People's hearts are too bad these days. They are terribly bad."! It's better to be naive, but then again, if you don't learn to be treacherous these days, you'll often suffer a great loss unconsciously! "I feel the same way about the old man's words," said Li Mufan. "I haven't asked.." "I dare not!" "" My name is Chao, brother, "said the old man." My granddaughter's name is Yu Gu. " "Yu Gu." He is really like a piece of jade! "So it's old Zhao.." said Li Mufan. "I don't deserve it, brother!" "What's your brother's name?" Asked old man Zhao. "My surname is Li and my name is Yanqiu," said Li Mufan. "Li Yanqiu, Li Yanqiu!" Old man Zhao muttered to himself and said with a smile, "Good name,smart board interactive whiteboard, brother." "It's very vulgar, old man," said Li Mufan. "This is.." 。