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Saturday,Mar 25, 2023
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The wife of the exclusive f
Posted:Sep 30, 2022        Views:128        Back to List
 When the team members were thinking about these little ninety-nine, Qin Chuan looked at the exultant Lu Meng and opened his mouth thoughtfully. Let's do it. Chapter 13 Encounter Slag To determine the marketing theme, the major media and network operations will release tely, but they met on the way out. In the cold wind, Lv Meng was riding a 28 bicycle. The wind blew and blew her long hair, which made her look a little desolate. When Zhou Wanting, who was driving Suoteng, saw Lu Meng on the road, she took off her sunglasses,smart interactive whiteboard, slowed down and slid down the window. Supervisor Lv, the posture is really standard. Is this an insinuation that she is skilled in driving? Lv Mengwei said proudly: "Of course, I have been riding since I was a child." When she said this, she was proud from the bottom of her heart, as if she was riding a Ferrari instead of a 28 bicycle. Zhou Wanting smiled disdainfully. Supervisor Lv has this hobby, which is very good and environmentally friendly. "You can also exercise." "But there are many cars in the city. Supervisor Lu, you have to be safe." Lv Meng looked at her sideways and said, "It doesn't matter. I live close to her." Mom,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, is it great to have a car? She still lives in the first ring, mansion! It's just not hers. Lv Meng, who didn't want to talk nonsense with her, kicked her feet hard and left Zhou Wanting behind. She stepped on the single lane on the side of the crowded road and sprinted forward unimpeded. But Lv Meng was not proud for long, and Zhou Wanting quickly passed by her, leaving only a glimpse. Lv Meng looked at her car and sighed bitterly. Rong Yanqiao originally said to send her a driver, Lv Meng did not want to trouble, she is not the boss, two is not Jingtian what person, living there is very sorry to go, which can also want a special car to pick up? In addition, it was really close to the company, and it was difficult to take a taxi. Lv Meng, who was crowded by car, simply went to the second-hand market and bought a familiar 28 bicycle to go to work. This bicycle was really a rare thing when she was a child. At that time, her family was the only one in the village. It was more powerful than the Ferrari now. But at that time, touch screen board classroom ,86 smart board, she was too small and the bicycle was too big. Once she really wanted to go up and play, she was so brave? Threats! Qin Chuan pushed the car out, and then took it for granted that Lu Meng, who was not as tall as the car, had fallen down with the car before he climbed up. Lv Meng, who was crushed by the car, cried loudly, which attracted his neighbors. Grandpa Lv, who arrived in a hurry, scolded him loudly. Lu Meng, who was afraid, pointed at Qin Chuan and insisted that he had pushed the cart and that he had let himself go up to play. Of course, everyone believed Lv Meng, who was not as tall as the car, and beat Qin Chuan. Lv Meng thought of Qin Chuan and sighed in his heart. Qin Chuan, Qin Chuan, I didn't mean it. It's your good fortune to be beaten by my grandfather. Finally, didn't I buy you candy? It was eaten by me, but you didn't eat it! When Lv Meng sighed that time was gone forever, a Mercedes-Benz on the road started by the roadside and slowed down. Chen Er, who was driving the car, looked at Lu Meng, who was pedaling a 28 bicycle, and teased Qin Chuan, the co-driver: "Isn't this your little lover?"? Why are you down and out like this? Qin Chuan looked at the familiar 28 and sneered. How do you know he's down and out? Maybe that's what she likes. Drive your car and don't waste me late, and said anxiously, "Supervisor Lv, the house will be opened soon. Where is the rain?" Lv Meng looked at the dark sky and thought she was not the rain God. It was useless for you to ask me. Seeing her frowning, Zhou Wanting was secretly proud. Now it seems that God does not help her, there is no rain, see what she will do. Whether there is rain or not is not the key. Now there are so many people coming,touch screen whiteboard, which shows that the marketing is successful, but if there is no rain, there is always something missing.