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Kimi Ahokainen


Saturday,Mar 25, 2023
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Wife, don't run away if you have guts.
Posted:Sep 30, 2022        Views:112        Back to List
 You can sit in the car and listen to the country music of your hometown! The air here is so good that I may even open the skylight and let you stand in the wind! "Humph!" "Well, does it mean good?" Long Yu was angry. He took her hand. He didn't blame ht think there was such a sentence now. He stopped and did not follow Jiang Xixue again. Looking at her walking forward in the afterglow of the sunset, he suddenly had an impulse to laugh, but he knew that his heart was bleeding, because it was too painful,75 inch smart board, so people felt that even crying was not enough, he needed to laugh. He opened his mouth, unable to spit out a word, and watched Jiang Xixue walk farther and farther. And the whole universe left him. How is that possible? Nope! Doesn't she know him? He loves her, he can't lose her, no matter what he does,smart boards for conference rooms, he wants her to stay, he doesn't care what price he has to pay. Cher He gave a loud cry, but Jiang Xixue had already walked out of the range he could see or shout. Five hundred meters ahead, there was a place where dozens of houses were concentrated, where the road turned in, and she disappeared there! Long Yuxiang chased up, but panted to find that Jiang Xixue could not be seen on another long road, where did she go? In a panic, he ran to a small shop selling betel nuts and asked, "Did you see a woman coming in a T-shirt?" "That Cha Mou?"? She got into a taxi, and a driver just bought betel nuts here, touch screen interactive whiteboard ,65 inch smart board, ah! Do you want a bag? "Gone?"? Which car shop's car? "I don't know!"! I'm from Taipei! Ah, do you want Qing Zai or. Guest! People Guest! Long Yu ran away from the overzealous betel nut stall owner. He ran back desperately, like taking part in a 100-meter race, more like rushing forward regardless of everyth wasn't part of her plan. @ @ @ Long Yuxiang, who was driving back to Taipei, had no idea that the beauty was getting farther and farther away from him. He drove back to Jiang Xixue's apartment like crazy. The lights are on! He ran upstairs excitedly, only to find that it was only the reflection of another building on the glass door of her bedroom. Opening the door, he walked dejectedly into the darkness of a room. The smell of baking cakes from the kitchen reminded him of what he had just said this morning. What day was it? Why, after a few short hours, was it all different? "Meow!" A soft cat's meow gradually approached her, "Meow!" You're hungry, aren't you? GIGI,smartboard for business, come on! Long Yuxiang picked up the kitten that came to his feet and took it to the kitchen. "Let's see what two poor abandoned people can eat." A half-baked cake with hair and dust, two bottles of yogurt, and some leftover potato chips were all he could find. He looked around and suddenly saw a square brown paper bag in an obscure corner above the refrigerator.